Wadsworth Band Boosters

Scheduled Meetings for 2017:

The Band Boosters generally meet the first Monday of each month at 7:30 PM in the WHS band room.


June 5 – Mandatory
Aug 14
Sept 11
Oct 2
Nov 6
Dec 4 – Tentative

Mandatory Meeting for Parents

The first Band Meeting of the year is in June.  This is a Mandatory Band Meeting.  At least one parent/guardian must attend if not all parents/guardians.   June 5th at 7:30PM in the PAC at the High School.

By Laws

Bylaws of the Wadsworth Band Booster Association can be downloaded at:

2016-17 band bylaws

Our Mailing address is P.O. Box 2, Wadsworth, OH 44282.

Board and Major Heads

Band Booster President: John Hutchinson 330-714-2531 coachhutch4335@hotmail.com


Vice President: Cindy Beeman 330-328-2894 wstrc@gmail.com


Secretary: Vicki Marks 330-714-4158 vicksterz6@msn.com


Treasurer: Polly Magyar 330-338-9584 bandwadsworth@gmail.com


Band Nurse: Mary Calderone 330-472-7090 mim0564@aol.com


Head Chaperones: John Hutchinson 330-714-2531 coachhutch4335@hotmail.com
Sandy Hutchinson 330-814-0230 shutchinson14@gmail.com


Marching & Summer Uniforms: Cindy Beeman 330-328-2894 wstrcbeeman@gmail.com  Cynthia Cavanaugh 330-352-2167 cynthia_cavanaugh@yahoo.com


Concert Uniforms: Melissa Gaither 330-419-2946 mgaither1995@gmail.com


Concessions Coordinator: Karen Siffert 330-607-3374 karensiffert@gmail.com

2017-2018 WHS Band Booster Committees & Heads

Awards Night in May & Video Assist
Band Apparel/ Spirit Wear Amy Whitman Uhase 330-524-9113 acwhitmanartstudio@gmail.com
Band Camp 2016 Sandy Hutchinson 330-814-0230 shutchinson14@gmail.com
John Hutchinson 330-714-2531 coachhutch4335@hotmail.com
Band Yard Signs Coordinator Rich Humes 330-338-9739
Heather Errante 330-592-3131 hrh@neo.rr.com
Blue Tip Parade “watering hole” Mike Capron 234-205-8572 mscapron@gmail.com
Stephanie Capron 330-760-6669 mscapron@gmail.com
Chaperones John Hutchinson 330-714-2531 coachhutch4335@hotmail.com
Sandy Hutchinson 330-814-0230 shutchinson14@gmail.com
Concert Uniforms Melissa Gaither 330-419-2946 mgaither1995@gmail.com
Fundraising******* Cindy Beeman 330-328-2894 wstrcbeeman@gmail.com
Band Cards* Jeanne Hines 330-730-4556 jeannehines88@gmail.com
Back from Band Camp, Meet the Grizzlies Tailgator* Julie Batey 330-701-5225  juliebatey@neo.rr.com
Concessions* Karen Siffert 330-607-3374 karensiffert@gmail.com
Assistant Manager Sandy Hutchinson 330-814-0230 shutchinson14@gmail.com
Assistant Manager John Hutchinson 330-714-2531 coachhutch4335@hotmail.com
Assistant Manager Tori White 330-907-4884 toriwhite16@gmail.com
Assistant Manager Mary Calderone 330-472-7090 mim0564@aol.com
Assistant Manager Melissa Hutchinson 330-573-0528 hutchohio@yahoo.com
Football ~ South Stand Prep Manager Sheryl Dudley 330-734-9513 sdudley@agmc.org
Football ~South Stand Game Time Manager Melissa Hutchison 330-573-0528 hutchohio@yahoo.com
Football ~ North Home Prep Manager Jill Batey 330-414-2388 dbatey@neo.rr.com
Football ~ North Home Game Time Manager
Football ~ Visitors Prep Manager Amy Uhase 330-524-9113 acwhitmanartstudio@gmail.com
Football ~ Visitors Game Time Manager
Football ~ Cookie Organizer for Games Laurel Herron 330-962-5894 laurelherron@neo.rr.com
Drink Purchase/Pepsi Melissa Hutchinson 330-573-0528 hutchohio@yahoo.com
Food Purchase Sams’s Club Sheryl Dudley 330-734-9513 sdudley@agmc.org
Food Purchase Aldi’s Laurel Herron 330-962-5894 laurelherron@neo.rr.com
Meat Bashes! Karen Siffert 330-607-3374 karensiffert@gmail.com
Pie Day, end of February Sale *
Patron Drive* Cindy Beeman 330-328-2894 wstrcbeeman@gmail.com
Catalog Sale*
Marching & Summer Uniforms Cindy Beeman & Crew 330-328-2894 wstrcbeeman@gmail.com
Cynthia Cavanaugh
PR aka Public Relations/Marketing Julie Batey 330-701-5225 juliebatey@neo.rr.com
Refreshments for: Holiday & Spring Concert Tab Kelly 330-603-4697 jkelly4@neo.rr.com  Julie Batey 330-701-5225 juliebatey@neo.rr.com
Senior Night Half Time Show, Fall A Crew
Senior Night Recognition on the Field
Trailer Haulers Dave Rogers 330-612-5012 desperadoranch@frontier
Dave Ott 330-607-4351 kathycornott@gmail.com
Volunteer Spot Organizer Vicki Marks 330-714-4158 vicksterz6@msn.com
Website Updates: Wendy Ross 330-241-8665 wendyross@digitalhipsterinc.com