Wadsworth Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an academic and performance based class for instrumental music students, grades 9-12, who play Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums. Students will learn how to perform in the jazz idiom on their instrument. Different styles of jazz ranging from early jazz (ragtime, Dixieland, etc.) to swing, bebop, Latin, funk rock, modern, and more styles will be learned that are typical to a performing jazz ensemble.


Students will also be required learn how to play improvised solos. A notebook must be kept and students will demonstrate improvising melodies over chords. Those who play trombone, trumpet, saxophone, and drums are required to play in the regular band (Marching/Symphonic/Concert). Students who play piano, bass, and guitar may join jazz band by audition without playing in the regular band, since those instruments are not taught in the instrumental music program.